Sunday 11 November 2018

Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2018

This is the painting of Sherwood high street that was my submission piece for Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2018. I'm pleased with it, unlike the painting I did on the actual program! (Which I'll share with you at some other point. )

It was all a rather strange and wonderful experience.

On the negative side didn't get through the 'heats' stage of the competition, but on the plus side I don't think I showed myself up too badly and my kids got to see their Dad on TV.
On the negative side I really did not practice working within the constraints of the competition beforehand (finishing a painting in 4 hours, outside), but on the plus side it was a massive learning experience in many, many ways because of this.

Tracy and I had a nice day out and I'm sure I'll probably give it another go sometime. If I am lucky enough to ever get on something like this again I'll definitely be braver, artistically speaking, that's for sure.


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