Monday 3 December 2018

The Endangered Ones no.1 and 2

No.1 Wild Asiatic Buffalo x John Travolta.
No.2  Black Lechwe x Reece Witherspoon

Here are the first two of a series of drawings I've started working on. I got the idea when I was looking through and old book called 'The Endangered Ones' which a neighbour gave me. Its a pretty old picture book (1975) with some cool photos and illustrations, detailing the near destruction of many species worldwide. I haven't checked yet what's happened to them over the last 43 years.
Anyhow, at the same time as I was looking through it I was kind of simultaneously in a google hole looking at some  pretty bad photos of film stars on beaches and the idea came about. I'm not totally sure what I'm saying here, but I'm thinking it will all make when I've done a few more. So stay tuned.

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